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About Piccolina

Piccolina is a new mission-driven lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering today's young girls to become tomorrow's trailblazers and problem solvers.. Everything we make lets young girls know from the time they are toddlers that there is no limit on what is interesting, aspirational or achievable in life!

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The problem

Gender stereotypes discouraging girls from being brave, curious, and scientifically-minded are embedded in nearly all kids’ clothes and products, perpetuating the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions, particularly in fields relating to science, technology, engineering and finance.

Kids are being pushed to develop their interests along gender lines from the time they’re learning how to crawl.

As a society we spend so much time talking about the lack of women in engineering, tech, finance, the boardroom and the White House, yet we aren’t talking about the fact that kids are being pushed to develop so many of their interests along gender lines from the time they’re learning how to crawl. At Piccolina we are connecting the dots!


The solution

At Piccolina all of our product designs feature critical themes such as STREAM, leadership, exploration and athletics. Our customers can be assured when they see a Piccolina label on any product, whether it's a dress, a doll or anything else, that it is sending a positive and empowering message. To put it simply, Piccolina is a brand that parents can feel good about buying for their young daughters.

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What makes Piccolina different?


About the founders

Piccolina’s founder Heide Iravani is a mother of three who started Piccolina out of her frustration with the pervasiveness of gender stereotypes in kids' clothes and products.

Having worked in tech, finance and big law (all traditionally male-dominated fields), Heide was especially sensitive to how gender stereotypes might affect her own “piccolina” Cora, who, like her brothers, is interested in science, the outdoors, and construction. After repeatedly finding herself shopping in the boys’ section in search of clothes and other products that reflected all of Cora’s interests, Heide set out to create a better alternative for all girls.

In 2019, Heide teamed up with retail industry veteran Emily Clifford to help make her vision for Piccolina a reality. Emily, who is also a mother of two, came to the table with over a decade of experience in the retail and consumer industry. Her leadership on Merchandising & Buying teams at notable fashion brands like Donna Karan has given her a vast understanding of buying behaviors and product strategies. Together, Heide and Emily brought Piccolina to life, launching the company to the public on International Day of the Girl in 2019!

Heide + Emily

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